Tillis: Coney Barrett Had ‘Poise,’ ‘Preparation’ During Confirmation Hearings

Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., says Judge Amy Coney Barrett demonstrated “incredible poise and preparation”during her Senate confirmation hearing on her nomination to the Supreme Court.

In an interview on Sinclair Broadcasting’s “America This Week,” Tillis said the hearing was far different than the raucous confirmation process for Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

“I think she’s demonstrated incredible poise and preparations,”he said.”She’s in there without any notes whatsoever… she has knowledge of the Constitution, she has a knowledge of the law. She’ll make a great justice.”

Tillis also said the environment of the Senate confirmation hearings were very different than those of Kavanaugh.

“He was in a very very hostile setting,”Tillis said, adding Democrats are “approaching this in a far more professional manner,”and predicted her confirmation vote would be held the last week in October.

As for his own race for re-election in North Carolina, Tillis predicted a win for both himself and President Donald Trump.

“I think we both win. We have a number of voters in common,” he said.

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