This All-In-One Music And Wireless Charging Station Is 20% Off Ahead Of Black Friday

We all are totally reliant on our gadgets. But more is not always more.

Meet the Gotek Wireless Charging Music Station, a unique device that does it all. This multi-use gadget not only offers you seamless wireless charging abilities but also a sleek modern alarm clock that also serves as a Bluetooth 5.0 speaker. Talk about a great intersection of form and function. With one single device, you can get rid of the clutter on your bedside table, with the perks of having a fully charged phone and the joy of waking up to your favorite tunes.

At first glance, the Gotek Music Station may remind you like the alarm clocks of your childhood with bright LED digits and a sweet on-board laser-sharp FM  radio and alarm to make sure you actually get up when you need to. Of course, if it’s too bright, you can adjust the brightness to your liking, with three levels to choose from. Plus, you can also rest your Qi-compatible phone on top of it to make sure everything you need in the morning is charged from the moment you wake up.

But the best part is that this sweet device also functions as a portable Bluetooth speaker, complete with aux input and TF slots. The speaker itself delivers high fidelity acoustics, full-range speakers, and a passive radiator. The battery even lasts you eight hours of continuous music. When you’re done jamming, simply plug it in via USB-C, rinse, and repeat.

The Gotek Wireless Charging Music Station normally costs $59, but for a limited time, you can get it for $46.95, which is 20 percent off.

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