The World Health Organization fears that 20 million people could die before the vaccine is introduced

Efforts are underway to find a vaccine around the world, including in India, to prevent the corona epidemic; But it has not yet been a complete success. The World Health Organization (WHO) fears that the death toll from corona before the vaccine could reach 20 million worldwide. Meanwhile, Unlock grew to visit people. The WHO has also observed that the infection has increased due to this.

Mike Ryan, director of the WHO’s emergency program, expressed concern. The number of corona sufferers worldwide is over 32 million. The death toll has risen to 9 lakh 85 thousand. It will take more time for the corona vaccine to arrive. He fears that the death toll from the corona could rise to 20 million worldwide before the vaccine is introduced.

What is the situation?

The death toll from the corona in the United States has risen to 2 million. 93,000 have died in India, 40,000 in Brazil and 20,000 in Russia.

Many countries ended the lockdown and ‘unlocked’; But in ‘Unlock’, people are falling out of the house. Knots have increased, going to each other’s homes has increased. Events like Gettogether are happening on a small scale. In some countries, restaurants and bars have opened. Therefore, young people alone cannot be held responsible for the spread of this infection.

A second wave of corona is feared in Britain and Europe. Re-lockdown or some other measures should be taken to control the infection.

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