The pain of a difficult place! What causes hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids are a problem during defecation. The most common cause of hemorrhoids is re-stretching during bowel movements. This is usually due to severe cases of constipation or diarrhea. Today we are going to tell you in detail about the other causes of hemorrhoids.

What do piles look like?

The anal bleeding will appear as a lump as it exits the anus, and it will turn dark bluish due to blood clots in the swollen blood vessels. Non-thrombosed piles will appear as a rubber lump. Swollen hemorrhoids often appear at the same time.

Which substance can cause hemorrhoids?

  • Low fiber foods can cause constipation. So it’s best to limit how much you eat.
  • Eat white bread and other bakery foods every day.
  • Excess milk, cheese and other dairy products.
  • Eating too much meat.
  • Eating processed foods like frozen meals and fast food.

How long will hemorrhoids last if left untreated?

There is no period of hemorrhoids. Small piles can clear up in a few days without any treatment. Large, external hemorrhoids can take longer to heal and can cause pain and discomfort. If the hemorrhoids do not resolve within a few days, it is best to see a doctor for treatment.

Which drink helps with hemorrhoids?

Your doctor recommends that you eat high-fiber foods. Eating foods high in fiber improves your digestion. It can also help treat and prevent hemorrhoids. Water and other liquids such as fruit juices and vegetable or nonveg soups can be great options. The fiber in your diet helps you work better. This information was given by Harishchandra Borge while answering a question asked on a question and answer website.

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