‘The OC’ Actress Voices Support for Trump, Criticizes ‘Far-Left Mob’

Samaire Armstrong, who starred in the drama series “The O.C.,” announced that she will be voting for President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election. The actress also shared her thoughts on “the far-left mob,” which she said is bullying Americans into silence.

Armstrong aired her views Thursday on social media.

“I’m voting #Trump2020, and this is why,” the 39-year-old captioned an Instagram video. “What I hope comes from this, is that we are able to have an open dialogue,” she continued, adding that there were many Americans “who have been bullied into silence at the doing of a far left mob,” who were “placating to the emotionally undeveloped.”

Armstrong called for the restoration of freedom of speech, logic, and critical thinking.

“I have deep love for every one of my fellow humans,” she stated. “Every race, color, creed, gender, political back ground, religious back ground, financial background, must have their OWN voice and opinion, and it MUST be allowed be to spoken.”

In her video clip, Armstrong described herself as an independent, not a traditional conservative or Republican. She then criticized Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris, who she said are “out of their minds,” and accused them of being part of the reason for “systemic racial injustice.”

Armstrong claimed they were “not doing anything,” which is why “they hate Trump,” who she said was not “technically a Republican” himself.

“He’s always socially been at heart a Democrat — a liberal, I should say. Because he believes in social equality. So this fallacy that he’s an evil racist, bigot is f—ing bulls—,” she continued in her video.

“The falseness of what’s going on needs to be shattered,” Armstrong added.

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