The girl was abducted from the police station, raped by 6 people for several days

A girl went missing on August 21 from Etah police station in Uttar Pradesh. The girl was rescued by the police and brought to the police station. It has been revealed that the girl was repeatedly raped by the kidnappers from the police station. Police say at least six people raped her for several days. The abductors had kept her in and around Delhi.

The abductors had rescued the girl from the police station. The girl was abducted by a female constable who had come to the police station. The woman constable of Avaghar police station and the investigating officer were suspended after the girl went missing from the police station.

The girl’s family said she first went missing on August 14. After a long search, she was found in a nearby village, but by then the kidnappers had fled. According to the girl’s parents, a young man named Lovekush has a one-sided love for her. He had proposed marriage to the girl, but she turned him down and abducted the girl. The girl underwent a medical examination on August 21. The girl went missing from the police station before going to file a reply before the magistrate. A case has been registered against 12 persons following the girl’s complaint. The main accused, Lovekush, 20, was employed by a private company, police said.

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