Texas to Choose Between Steady-Handed Approach and Change in Senate Race

Texas voters will have to decide if they want to see a familiar face in John Cornyn return to the Senate or if they want to elect MJ Hegar, who is describing herself as a disruptive change agent, come Election Day.

The Texas Tribune reports that the race is toned down from the last Senate race in the state between Ted Cruz and Beto O’Rourke.

Still, the newspaper reports the candidates have their stark differences. Cornyn is vying for a fourth term and is billing himself as a “steady hand on the wheel” who can get Texas through current trying times. His opponent, Hegar, says she will bring change to the state.

According to the Texas Tribune, Hegar’s approach to winning over voters is similar to the one O’Rourke took. But Cornyn isn’t following Cruz’s campaign strategy. Rather than just appeal to conservatives, the lawmaker is working to win over those in the political center. His tactic has many, including his opponent, asking if what he is spewing on the campaign trail actually matches his voting record.

“The thing I enjoy the most about my job is actually solving hard problems, and sometimes it takes years to actually pass legislation, but … we’re kind of in a precarious time, not just in our state, because of the pandemic, but in the nation, and … so I think a steady hand on the wheel is even more important than usual,” Cornyn told the newspaper during an interview earlier this month.

Hegar quipped back in her interview saying Cornyn’s “got a steady hand on the wheel driving toward a cliff.”

“I don’t know how much more Texas can survive John Cornyn’s experience,” she told the newspaper.

Recent polling shows Cornyn is favored to win. But Hegar told the newspaper she thinks she isn’t too far behind.

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