Survey: 75 Percent Travelers Making Trip by Car

More than three-quarters of the people who have traveled for vacation, work or person reasons since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus made the trip by car, according to a survey by a holistic wellness website.

While 36% of 1,000 people surveyed said their trip was for vacation, another 35% for work, and the rest for “personal reasons or emergencies,” the overwhelming number of people who ventured out said they used a car, according to

Nearly 15% got on a plane and 8% traveled by train. Conversely, those who traveled by train said they enjoyed the trip the most, while those who ventured into the friendly skies liked it the least.

The survey, released last month, comes as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned travel increased a person’s chances of contracting the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes the respiratory illness COVID-19. Eachnight also claimed “flights have been steadily filling back up, and airlines are already poised to start selling middle seats again.”

Eachnight conducted the survey as a service to its readers mainly to offer the insights of how travelers have spent money for COVID-related safety and what they determined as the best values.

The most common expense for those who flew was paying more for a direct flight, thus having to avoid multiple airplanes and traversing through several airports. More than 57% of those who used an airplane spent more and slightly more than half avoided using the onboard restroom.

Avoiding touching the tray table or pocket attached to the seat in front of them was listed by nearly 46% of respondents while avoiding sleeping on the plane was noted by nearly 45% of those surveyed.

A quarter even paid more for a seat on a plane with fewer people.

For all travelers, the most common COVID-related accessory was a face mask (65.2%), followed by hand sanitizer (55.3%), bath or face towels (40.2%), and cleaning or disinfectant spray (34.3%). Earplugs (32%) and an alarm clock (30.1%) were the next most common items.

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