Soros Gives Large Donation For Last-Gasp Black, Latino Turnout Efforts in Key States

Liberal billionaire George Soros has donated large amount of funds for last-gasp attempts to increase turnout in battleground states among both Blacks and Hispanics, The Washington Free Beacon reported over the weekend.

The Soros-backed Democracy PAC gave $500,000 each to the Black PAC and the Somos PAC, which concentrate on encouraging those in the Black and Latino communities to vote in as high percentages as possible, according to Federal Election Commission records released in recent days.

This push comes after Soros also recently donated millions to boost electoral efforts in both Pennsylvania and Michigan, in addition to approximately $70 million he has spent on the 2020 campaign, triple the amount he gave four years ago in the last presidential election.

Unlike in previous elections, when Soros gave directly to candidates and committees, this time the billionaire created the Democracy PAC.

This PAC has in turn received some tens of millions of dollars from the Fund for Policy Reform, which is a nonprofit with some $3 billion in assets in Soros’s Open Society Foundations network.

This means that most of the Democracy PAC’s money is transferred from his nonprofit ,and not in his own name, so that, even with his large contributions, Soros does not appear atop donor lists.

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