Sen. Rick Scott Rips Violent Protesters: ‘Immoral, Unjust’

Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla., said in a new advertisement he is not a “hothead” politician but he is angry at violent protesters who are destroying property nationwide.

“I’m not one of those hothead politicians who yell all the time and bang the table to get attention, so what I’m going to tell you is a bit out of character for me, but I’m going to say it anyway. I am really mad,” Scott said.

“I’m mad that protesters think they can burn businesses and property of hard-working Americans. No one has a right to destroy jobs and property. I am mad when so-called peaceful protesters disrespect and attack our men and women of law enforcement.

“I am mad when I hear protesters chant ‘we hope they die’ after two police officers were ambushed and shot in the face in Los Angeles. I am mad that protesters are barging into restaurants and demanding we support their political views. How dare they hurt struggling businesses and terrorize senior citizens? It’s ugly, shameful behavior.”

The Daily Caller first obtained the ad and posted a link to it Monday.

Scott then referenced Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, saying they fought for racial justice but never resorted to destruction and looting.

“Mandela and King tried to bring people together, knowing life is often unfair and unjust. They sought to promote fairness and advance the cause or morality and justice,” Scott said. “But today’s radical left protesters are immoral and unjust. They want to defund our police and destroy our country. We must save America, there is no plan B.”

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