Secret Service Investigating Intimidating Letter Left at Maryland Voter’s Home

A letter left at a home in Frederick, Maryland is being investigated by police and the Secret Service over its threats to supporters of Democrat candidates Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, local news WBAL reports.

Police told the news station that early on Sunday, an unidentified man was caught on a doorbell camera walking up to a home in Frederick that had Biden/Harris lawn signs outside and leaving a threatening letter at their door.

“The beginning of the letter makes some general threats about people supporting particular candidates,” said Frederick Police Lieutenant Kirk Henneberry.

“If you are a Biden-Harris supporter, you will be targeted,” the letter reads. “We have a list of homes by your election signs. We will not comply or give anything up, especially our guns.”

The writer of the letter also threatened to shoot and kill former Arizona Rep. Gabby Giffords, who survived a shooting in 2011. It also threatens violence against Biden and Harris, which prompted local police to involve the Secret Service.

“Our concern is we give that information to the authorities, the Secret Service, and make sure they have all the information they need to follow up and investigate,” Henneberry said.

“The entire Frederick County Democratic Central Committee condemns these threats of violence in the strongest possible terms and sends our heartfelt good wishes to the residents whose peace has been violated in such an unsettling manner,” said Deborah Carter, chairwoman of the Frederick County Democratic Central Committee, in a statement to the news network.

“We call on everyone to respect others’ private property rights and their First Amendment right to display their support for the candidate of their choice,” said Steven Clark, chairman of the Frederick County Republican Central Committee.

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