Ronna McDaniel: Debates a ‘Negative’ for Biden

Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel on Sunday pushed back on Trump campaign safety precautions for campaign rallies in the coming weeks.

McDaniel, who announced her COVID-19 infection on Oct. 2 in the wake of a positive test revealed by President Donald Trump, said though she’s still in quarantine, she’s feeling well and has been fever free.

“You’re not shedding the virus anymore” after 10 days, she said she was advised.

But she angrily responded to a question about what precautions would be in place for when in-person campaign rallies resume.

“We’re going to do everything we need to do,” she said about in-person campaign rallies, but snapped: “Who cares if we have fundraisers?”

According to McDaniel, the debates are a negative for challenger Joe Biden.

“I think the debate situation is a negative for Biden,” she said. “It plays into this D.C. politician who’s been there for 47 years who isn’t getting tough questions from the media, isn’t answering about whether he’s going to pack the courts.”

She called Biden’s refusal to say before Election Day if he’d push for expanding the number of Supreme Court justices “egregious.”

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