Roger Stone to Newsmax TV: Trump Campaign Doing Enough?

President Donald Trump toned it down during the final presidential debate, but the Trump campaign needs to tune it up in the final days of the election cycle, according to former Trump campaign adviser Roger Stone on Newsmax TV.

“I’m feeling much better after the debate the other night, obviously,” Stone told “Saturday Report.” “I think the president really wiped up the floor with Joe Biden. The president was very disciplined, stayed on message, didn’t interrupt Biden, but got in every one of his licks – didn’t let any of the false information that Biden was spitting out like a machine gun pass without a rebuttal.

“I feel the momentum’s in the president’s direction. I wish, however, that the campaign we’re spending some money on Spanish radio, Christian radio, Gospel radio.”

Stone, who lives in South Florida, says the Biden campaign “has been dominant in Florida since August.”

“Sadly the Trump campaign has not spent in those areas,” Stone told host Carl Higbie.

Also, Stone lamented, the mainstream media has been complicit in refusing to cover the Biden corruption allegations stemming from the revelations of the emails from Hunter Biden’s alleged laptop.

“The media is absolutely committed ;to censoring the story, a complete news blackout,” Stone said. “The story keeps getting more serious.

“We now have a three-way confirmation of a massive international corruption scandal, and the media just refuses to cover it, as if it just that it didn’t happen,” he concluded. “It’s only because outlets like Newsmax that we know about it. More Americans need to know about it. I was glad to see the president bring it up in the debate – again he got in his licks.”

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