Retaliation Threatened by China if US Sells Arms to Taiwan

China has threatened retaliation if the United States completes its multi-billion weapons deal with Taiwan, according to Fox Business.

The Chinese Cabinet’s Taiwan Affairs Office issued a statement that insisted Tsai’s Democratic Progressive’s Party stop its ”plotting” with the United States to ”refuse unification through arms.”

The statement didn’t elaborate on what the consequences would be for carrying on with the deal, but the announcement is the latest display of erosion in diplomacy between China and the United States.

It said Taiwan should cut off the deal to ”avoid serious repercussions for relations between China and the U.S. and their armed forces and peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait.”

On Wednesday, the State Department announced it had agreed to sell 135 precision land-attack missiles and other equipment to Taiwan to beef up its defense against a possible Chinese attack.

The sale agreement follows a higher level of military activity from China near Taiwan. That activity has been viewed as a threat to U.S. assets in the region.

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