REPORT: John Lennon’s Killer Says He Was Seeking ‘Self-Glory’ When He Murdered The Singer

Musician John Lennon’s killer reportedly admitted he committed the murder for “self-glory” during a recent parole hearing.

Mark David Chapman made the admission regarding the death of Lennon while being asked questions during his parole hearing last month, according to transcripts released by the state, Fox News reported Tuesday.

“I assassinated him… because he was very, very, very famous and that’s the only reason and I was very, very, very, very much seeking self-glory. Very selfish,” Chapman said, according to the outlet.

Chapman did express remorse for Lennon’s murder during the parole hearing, according to Fox News. Chapman reportedly said he had “no complaint whatsoever” if the parole board decided to leave him in prison for the rest of his life for the murder of Lennon.

“I deserve zero, nothing,” Chapman reportedly said. “At the time I deserved the death penalty. When you knowingly plot someone’s murder and know it’s wrong and you do it for yourself, that’s a death penalty right there, in my opinion.” (RELATED: Tulsi Gabbard Pays Tribute To John Lennon By Singing ‘Imagine’)

The parole board reportedly denied Chapman’s parole for the 11th time, claiming he committed an “evil act.” He will reportedly be up for parole again in 2022.

“During the interview you stated you committed this murder to seek glory. You said ‘infamy brings you glory,’” the panel decision denying parole stated, ABC News reported. “This panel finds your statement disturbing. Your actions represented an evil act. The fact that today, almost 40 years later, you can still speak of what you did as something that you felt was a positive and in your mind gave you ‘glory’ at the time, is disturbing for this panel.”

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