Rep. Thomas Massie to Newsmax TV: Moderator Should Cut the Mikes

After Tuesday night’s contentious debate, the Commission on Presidential Debates should give the moderators the power to cut the mikes to avoid interrupting the speaker, according to Rep. Thomas Massie, R-Ky., on Newsmax TV.

“Going forward, I’d like to see the moderator be able to cut the mikes,” Massie told Wednesday’s “Spicer & Co.” “Because this was like a basketball game that turned into a boxing match because there was no referee who can call the shots.”

While Massie’s suggestion would sit well with Joe Biden and his supporters, it might not sit well with President Donald Trump, who Chris Wallace rebuked a few times for being the most frequent interrupter.

Other conservatives, particularly Trump, would see most mainstream media moderators as too liberal-leaning to be given the authority to censor conservatives in debates. For instance, Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, called out Fox News moderator Chris Wallace a “whiny, petulant” Biden supporter Tuesday night.

“It’s not complicated that Chris Wallace is voting for Joe Biden, that his politics are liberal,” Cruz told radio host Hugh Hewitt on Wednesday.

Massie told host Sean Spicer he knows he is an unpopular member of the House after he was the one who sought to hold up the March 27 coronavirus stimulus package, calling for a quorum, because the $2.2 trillion spending package was coming with a voice vote and without members voting in the chamber.

“That was the first day – Sean and you can appreciate this – that CNN got a headline right: They said I was the most hated man in Washington, D.C.,” Massie said. “They’ve never got a headline right since then or before that.”

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