Rep. Steube Rips Dems for ‘Encouraging Violence’

Rep. Greg Steube, F-Fla., is blasting Democrats for not doing enough to end the violence he says is spreading across the U.S.

His comments came during “The Sara Carter Show” podcast on Monday.

“I think that they (Democrats) think that by encouraging violence and encouraging these protests and encouraging these people to the point where you have the vice president, candidate for the Democrats, raising money to bail these people out of jail if they’re arrested for rioting, I think they think that it all settled down after (Joe) Biden, if Biden were to win, that it would all settle down after the election,” he said.

And he added: “I tell you, the words matter, words are very important, especially from leaders of our country. And when you have the leader of the House declaring that Republicans are enemies of the state, you’ve taken things to a whole different level. And there are people that listen to that, that are going to react and act on that. Because the leader of their party, the highest Democrat in the country, is saying things like that, and it’s dangerous. And we’re seeing it all across the country.”

He hailed President Donald Trump’s call for law and order.

“And I think you’re gonna see a whole bunch of people who have never voted for before, get out and vote because they are seeing things happen in the country that they’ve never seen before,” Steube said.

Trump said last week he has restored law and order to America – “except in Democrat-run cities.”

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