Rep. Crenshaw: Pelosi Blocked Needed COVID-19 Aid 3 Times

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has blocked more aid to people who need it through her continued refusal on the next coronavirus stimulus bill, Rep. Dan Crenshaw said Wednesday.

“This is very frustrating to people,” the Texas Republican said on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.” “We don’t understand why we just can’t help the small businesses that have been forced to shut down and need to rehire workers and get our economy back on track.”

Meanwhile, governments in blue states are using money allocated through the CARES Act in ways that veer away from its original intent, said Crenshaw.

For example, in St. Paul, Minnesota, the mayor is using $300,000 of the money to provide a guaranteed income for some essential workers, and in Michigan, millions of dollars are being spent to provide college classes, noted show host Steve Doocy.

The CARES Act, he added, was intended to help people with basic needs during a difficult time when the government itself was taking actions that forced people out of their jobs.

Crenshaw also discussed his idea for a personalized healthcare plan that he was to unveil on Wednesday.

“Let’s not forget 2018. The biggest lie that Democrats told was that Republicans were not for people with pre-existing conditions,” said Crenshaw. “This year the other lie is that we’re against lowering drug prices. We have different solutions for these problems.”

Crenshaw noted that one of his favorite models is for direct primary care.

“That’s the doctor-patient relationship that you need that you want,” he said. “You don’t want an insurance company in the way. You don’t want a government bureaucrat in the way. Direct primary care is like a prescription service. On average, across the nation it is 75 bucks a month. This is a really popular model … I have got a bill that basically facilitates its growth through Medicaid, through more rural programs, and through Medicare as well. It’s a realistic incremental step to get direct primary care out there and I’m really excited about it. I think you can get bipartisan support or at least it should.”

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