Raja Ramaswamy Beed’s new Superintendent of Police

Beed Superintendent of Police Harsh Poddar has been transferred. In his place, Raja Ramaswamy of the Mumbai Intelligence Department will be the new Superintendent of Police for Beed. Harsh Poddar has not been appointed yet

The transfer order of Harsh Poddar, who was appointed Beed Superintendent of Police a year and a half ago, was issued late last night. He will be replaced by Raja Ramaswamy as the new Superintendent of Police. Harsh Poddar’s period in Beed is memorable. He acted in accordance with the law, taking many bold decisions to be regarded as a very noble officer, and tried to handle many delicate matters, including the Lok Sabha and Assembly elections, very effectively. Worked to bring discipline to the police force. He had worked to break the bullying in the district by creating fear and intimidation. His other side, which is a very sensitive officer, has come to the fore in many cases, and will soon be replaced by Raja Ramaswamy.

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