Rahul Gandhi appeals to all to come together and raise their voice against Modi government’s farmers’ injustice

Since the BJP government came to power at the Center, there has been a systematic attempt to uproot the farmers. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has appealed to all to come together and raise their voice against the injustice being done to farmers during the Modi government and to get rid of anti-farmer policies and laws.

The changes in the Agriculture Act are being strongly opposed by the farmers. Violent agitations are going on all over the country. To intensify the farmers’ struggle against the government, the Congress has launched the ‘Speak Up for Farmers’ campaign. Rahul Gandhi shared a video on Twitter in this regard and demanded withdrawal of the Agriculture Bill.

The BJP government at the Center is constantly pursuing an anti-farmer policy. Immediately after coming to power, an ordinance was brought to grab the lands of the farmers by amending the Land Acquisition Act. At that time, the Congress, led by Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, backed the farmers and gave them back their rights. Now again the BJP government has attacked the interests of the farmers. The Congress party is ready to expose the injustice done to the farmers. The Congress has appealed to all to come together in this battle and raise the voice of the farmers.

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