Portland Antifa Mob Home of City Council Member Dan Ryan For Voting Against Defunding Police (VIDEO)

A mob of far-left Antifa militants are mobbing the home of Portland city council member Dan Ryan for voting against an amendment to defund the police.

The mob was at his home after 9 p.m., shining bright lights at his windows and chanting in the street. His home was also egged and splattered with paint.

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Commissioner Ryan was the swing vote in the decision not to cut $18 million from the Portland police.

“After nearly six hours of testimony Wednesday evening, Ryan in effect cast the deciding vote—to not have a formal vote on Hardesty’s proposal, saying he needed more information about the impact the cuts would have on the bureau. He sided with Mayor Ted Wheeler and Commissioner Amanda Fritz in delaying a vote until Nov. 5,” the Willamette Week reports.

On Thursday, the effort failed, 3-2, with Commissioner Ryan joining Wheeler and Commissioner Amanda Fritz in voting it down. Commissioners Chloe Eudaly and Hardesty voted in favor.

Ryan’s home was also targeted last week by militants who chanted “Dan Ryan don’t be a villain, defund PPB by $18 million.”

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