Pollster Zogby’s Numbers Have Democrats Flipping Senate

Pollster John Zogby predicts Democrats will regain control of the U.S. Senate based on his latest poll numbers, as voters have turned in a “huge blue wave” during early voting, according to Bloomberg.

“So, they’re still eight days to go,” Zogby said. “The Senate does look like it’ll change hands. Democrats need a net of three or four seats depending on whether Joe Biden wins or not. They could pick up as many as seven or eight.

“We are seeing, pre-election, a huge blue wave. A massive turnout of 60 million or so,” Zogby said. “But remember, we are expecting a huge red wave of voters on election day.”

As for the presidential election, Zogby said the momentum is moving in favor of Democratic hopeful Joe Biden. But he warns, in 2016, then-candidate Donald Trump was losing by similar numbers to challenger Hillary Clinton.

“The presidential election is competitive, particularly in the battleground states. As of this moment, it’s advantage Vice President Joe Biden, and that seems to be a growing advantage nationally,” Zogby said. “Battleground states, still, are really very close. I caution people, however, four years ago, to this minute, it was advantage Hillary Clinton.”

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