Polls: Economy Boosts Trump With Arizona, Florida Likely Voters

Trust in the economy has President Donald Trump up slightly against Democrat nominee Joe Biden among likely voters in Florida and Arizona, a pair of Washington Post-ABC News polls of the two battleground states Trump won in 2016 show.

According to The Washington Post:


  • Likely voters: 47% Biden, 51% Trump.
  • Registered voters: 48% Biden, 47% Trump.


  • Likely voters: 48% Biden, 49% Trump.
  • Registered voters: 49% Biden, 47% Trump.

The results are all within the polls’ margins of error of 4 percentage points in Florida and 4.5 points in Arizona for registered voters. The margins of error are 4.5 points in both states for likely voters.

The polls were conducted by telephone Sept. 15-20, 2020 with a random sample of 765 registered voters in Florida, including 613 likely voters, and a random sample of 701 registered voters in Arizona, including 579 likely voters.

The Post’s average of polls for September show Biden with a 2-point advantage in Florida and a 6-point advantage in Arizona.

The polls showed that the national economy is still Trump’s strongest issue, despite the setbacks from the coronavirus outbreak. However, voters said they disapprove of his handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

  • Arizona: 57% of registered voters approve of Trump’s job on the economy, 43% disapprove.
  • Florida: 54% approve on the economy, 44% disapprove.

Trump also led Biden by 11 points in Florida on who could handle the economy and by 15 points in Arizona.

Trump’s overall approval rating was identical in both states, with 47% of registered voters saying they approve of his job performance and 51% disapproving. However, the polls of voters in both states showed that intensity ratings were against Trump, with 45% of Florida voters strongly disapproving of him and 35% strongly approving. Similar patterns were marked in Arizona.

Meanwhile, Biden came out ahead of Trump among registered Latino voters in both states:

  • Florida: 52% Biden, 39% Trump.
  • Arizona: 61% Biden, 34% Trump.

However, the Post noted that the number of Latino likely voters was not large enough to provide a statistically reliable finding.

Trump came out ahead of Biden among white voters without college degrees, but college graduates favored Biden in Arizona but not in Florida.


  • White voters without degrees: 34% Biden, 64% Trump.
  • White voters with degrees: 44% Biden, 54% Trump.


  • White voters without degrees: 34% Biden, 62% Trump.
  • With degrees: 57% Biden, 42% Trump.

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