Poll: Trump, Biden in Statistical Tie in Florida

President Donald Trump has moved into a statistical tie with Joe Biden in the Sunshine State, a new Florida Atlantic University poll reveals.

The poll results, released Tuesday, show Biden is favored by 49% of voters, compared to 46% who support Trump. Five percent are undecided.

Of those undecided, three-quarters say they are leaning toward Trump. Biden and Trump would tie at 50% each when that is factored in.

The pollster, in its report on the survey noted: “This is a bounce back for Trump who in the May FAU poll had fallen 6 points behind Biden 53% to 47% after leading in March 51% to 49%.”

Here are highlights from the survey:

  • 82% of Florida voters said they are confident in the election results — regardless of who wins. 14% said they are not so confident and 4% said not confident at all.
  • 38% are expecting results on Election Day, compared to 31% who said they expect them on the following day. 9% think the official results could take more than a week to be released.
  • 91% of voters said they are excited for the election, with 63% saying they are extremely excited.

The poll, conducted Sept. 11-12, surveyed 631 Floridians. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.8 percentage point.

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