Piers Morgan Rethinks Belief Trump Will Definitely Lose

British broadcaster Piers Morgan said a 25-minute phone call he had with President Donald Trump over the weekend has made him rethink his view last week that the president was headed for a hammering at the polls on Election Day.

Morgan wrote in the Daily Mail that Trump genuinely believes he’s going to once again defy the polls and get reelected and has the energy and showmanship that gives him a significant performative advantage over Democrat candidate Joe Biden, “who looks and sounds like the old man of 77 that he is.”

Morgan said this was his first conversation with Trump since the president unfollowed him on Twitter in April after he harshly criticized him for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

The British journalist said the past year has been bad for Trump due to “his chaotic conduct during his campaign, epitomized by the ludicrous way he behaved after catching the coronavirus himself” and how his “empathy-devoid narcissism fuelled catastrophically bad leadership over both the corona crisis and the mass protests over [the death of] George Floyd.”

But Morgan said in the last presidential debate Trump showed “a calmer, more measured and focused style” and scored some powerful hits against Biden, who continues to make verbal missteps.

Morgan wrote, however, what is most needed to swing the election Trump’s way is for him to actually show genuine empathy, the lack of which “has been a constant fault-line throughout his presidency.”

Biden has a “natural powerful empathy,” while Trump “often looks and sounds like he only cares about himself,” Morgan wrote, emphasizing that if the president can change that approach “he could yet salvage an unlikely victory from the jaws of seemingly inevitable defeat.”

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