Pelosi Extends Proxy Vote Rule Until Nov. 16

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has extended the option for House lawmakers to vote by proxy until November 16, after the rule was scheduled to expire on Friday.

Democrats voted to allow proxy voting on May 15 to curb the spread of coronavirus.

The vote put an end to a 231-year-old rule requiring House lawmakers to debate and vote on a bill in-person.

The proxy rule gives House members the option to vote for up to 10 other lawmakers who’ve chosen them as their proxy.

Pelosi has the right to extend the proxy voting rule unilaterally, which she has done three times, so far.

Several lawmakers and over 80 staff members on Capitol Hill have contracted coronavirus since the pandemic’s onset.

House Republicans reject the proxy rule and argue some Democrats have used it to campaign for reelection, go on vacation or handle personal issues.

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