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>> Mangesh Borgaonkar (Singer)

In March Ever since we started having corona outbreaks, we have been following the basics of maintaining social distance, keeping ourselves clean after coming out, and we have felt the effects. That is why we are safe from this disease till today. We took care of the basic care needs by staying at home. We are currently taking special care of health. There is also a growing tendency to include nutrients in the diet to boost our immune system. This also has a good effect. I also love sunbathing. I was able to do it in a better way. In addition to the fresh food, the inclusion of less oil in the food, which we as artists have been following, gave us the opportunity to practice again on the occasion of the Corona.

I love painting. The love of painting flourished during this period. My house has a legacy of music as well as a legacy of painting. My mother and aunt are painters by profession. On this occasion, I was able to understand the joy of this art and its details. I also had plenty of time to read new books. Some special writers… in this p. L. Deshpande, V.P. I love reading poems by Kale, Vinda Karandikar and Suresh Bhatt. I also got a chance to experience this kind of reading. Currently reading the book ‘Vyakti aani Valli’. I have read this book many times. Still, I want to read it again and again.

One of the things I learned during these months of lockdown was that as an artist, I was studying a lot of the skills in the early months, the things that can make you better, the songs, the room for progress in art. As an artist, I had the opportunity to practice the improvements I needed to make. During this time we were coming to Facebook Live for all the artist aficionados. Rasik was presenting his art in front of the audience. I think, with this modern medium, I was able to enjoy this new thing as an artist. Rasik and the bond with us lasted on this occasion. Therefore, modern media like social media should be given credit for this. So I was able to learn a lot myself. I had a lot of live sessions. Through this we were able to reach the audience. My three new songs were released during the Corona period.

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