Observations of First Presidential Debate from Attorney Lin Wood and Actor James Woods

After we all had the night to sleep on it, here are some observations from last night’s debate.

Attorney Lin Wood provided his list this morning of takeaways from last night’s debate:

Debate takeaways:

1. Chris Wallace fought hard but lost fight by decision to @realDonaldTrump
2. Biden’s favorite son was Beau, not Hunter.
3. Jill Biden hid behind mask, Melania did not.
4. Democrats grooming is for mail vote election chaos, Trump knows it & will be ready.
5. Biden looks ill, Trump looked tanned, rested and ready.
6. Biden allowed to interrupt, Wallace chastised Trump.
7. Police support Trump, none support Biden.
8. When Wallace stayed out of it, Trump won by 3 1/2 years over Biden 47 years.
9. Trump had a mask handy, Biden did not.
10. Biden is the Democratic Party, Democratic Party is dying.
11. America apparently had a recession before Covid-19 & no one knew it.
12. There is a difference between unsolicited mailed ballots & solicited absentee ballots.
13. AOC & Pelosi will be upset that Biden does not support Green New Deal. Or does he?
14. Trump is a brawler, Biden is a name-caller.
15. With 4-5 exceptions, Fox is CNN.
16. Trump had facts, Biden had talking points.
17. Biden will pack SCOTUS.

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Actor James Woods noticed that Joe Biden did not answer a single question:

There was no transition after the last election – it was a coup:

And finally two for the price of one:

We couldn’t have said it better.

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