Obama Joining Kamala Harris for Virtual Fundraisers

Former President Barack Obama is slated to join vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris at two fundraisers next week as Democrat Joe Biden’s campaign continues to court voters ahead of the November election.

The Associated Press cited a campaign aide who said the fundraisers will take place on Oct. 2 — one for low-dollar donations and one for high-dollar donations. Both events will be virtual, and the low-dollar one will require that people donate just $1 in order to watch the online video.

It will mark the first time Obama has campaigned with Harris, a senator from California, since she joined the ticket in August.

Biden has largely stuck to campaigning virtually because of the COVID-19 pandemic, holding virtual fundraisers and speaking from his home in Delaware. The Democratic National Convention had a virtual format as well.

Obama stayed quiet during the early months of the current election season when Democrats had nearly two dozen candidates running. When it was clear Biden would be the nominee, Obama announced his endorsement of his former vice president.

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