New York Hits 1,000 COVID Cases for First Time Since June

New York reported more than 1,000 people testing positive in a single day Friday, marking the first time since June 5 the daily numbers were that high.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Saturday there were 1,005 positive cases tallied out of 99,953 tests, for a positive rate of 1%, reports NBC News 4 in New York City. The numbers come as students return to school, businesses reopen, and college campuses reopen.

The state had been seeing an average of about 660 people test positive per day from late July through the beginning of September. The state had averaged 817 positive tests per that day for the 7-day period ending Friday.

Cuomo aide Gareth Rhodes pointed out Saturday that the new numbers come from nearly 100,000 tests as compared to about 60,000 tests every day in July, but there is cause for concern.

He noted on Twitter there are some ZIP codes in Brooklyn and in the lower Hudson Valley with spikes in cases and hospital admissions, and said it is key to make sure those clusters do not spread.

He also said numbers are improving among college students, suggesting campuses are complying more.

Although the numbers are at a new high, many other states are reporting higher rates, including in Florida, where 2,795 new confirmed cases were reported Friday.

Public school students are to resume in-person classes Sept. 29 and Oct. 1, but students at one Staten Island high school were told at the last minute they would be staying in virtual education.

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