Navarro: Trump Up Against ‘Four Corners’ With China Policy

President Donald Trump has transformed the Republican Party into a champion of blue-collar workers pitting it against a “four corners” of interests desperate not to alienate China: the technology and entertainment industries, Wall Street financiers, and the NBA, White House trade adviser Peter Navarro says.

“We’re up against the four corners of the country,” Navarro told the Philadelphia Inquirer. “That’s Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Wall Street, and the NBA. They all see their fortunes rise with China. There’s too many people in the global elite in this country who want to make a fast and big buck in China, and they don’t care about blue-collar Americans.”

Navarro specifically identified NBA players and the league as hypocrites, pointing to their activism with regard to claims of “systemic racism” in the United States but ignoring accusations of racism in China.

“You see the NBA athletes,” Navarro said. “They are elite activists trying to take the high moral ground in the USA, but they just ‘shut up and dribble’ in China.”

Navarro said those who express not aggravating China due to trade relationships exemplify much of the divisions in American society.

“It is in many ways a reflection of the class warfare we’re seeing,” Navarro said. “Donald Trump has turned the Republican Party into the party of the working class.”

He added Trump’s immigration policies also shows his support for the working class.

“We had the unemployment rate down to 3.5% – that’s the first time we saw blue-collar wages and wages for Hispanics and Blacks go up,” Navarro said. “That’s what we need to have a prosperous and stable society.

“You know President Trump put a moratorium on foreign visas to the end of the year. I am not going to worry about opening the door to more immigration until we get unemployment back to 3.5%.”

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