National Security Adviser O’Brien Says Best Response To Foreign Meddling Is Voting

National security adviser Robert O’Brien said Sunday that election meddling by foreign nations is an attempt to “sow discord” that should be countered by Americans voting on Election Day.

In an interview with CBS News’ “Face The Nation,” O’Brien said the interference is “trying to create chaos and they’re doing it in whatever way they can.”

“The best way for Americans — I don’t care what party you’re voting for, what candidate you’re voting for… get out and vote,” he said.

“That’s how we defeat our foreign adversaries that are seeking to sow discord among Americans. Let’s get out. If you vote early, great. If you vote on Election Day, great. If you vote absentee, great. But get out and vote. That’s how we stop the plans of our adversaries.”

O’Brien also said Americans can be assured their votes will remain secret.

“I want to make a distinction between election interference on Election Day and trying to influence people,” he said. “There’s lots of efforts to influence people like these Iranian efforts to hurt the president by sending out these emails from the Proud Boys saying that they know how you voted.

“Your vote is secret. Every American should understand that their vote is secret. And that was an Iranian effort to hurt the president.”

“I think what all these countries are trying to do and China, as well as they’re trying to sow discord among Americans,” he added. “They’re trying to create chaos, and they’re doing it whatever way they can.”

O’Brien also defended Vice President Mike Pence for continuing to campaign after his close contact with a COVID-19 infected chief of staff, Marc Short.

“Free elections are the foundation of our democracy. So I think campaigning and voting are about the most essential thing we can be doing,” O’Brien said.

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