NASA’s mission to recapture the moon, announcing the first female astronaut

The US space agency NASA has announced the recapture of the moon after a long hiatus of nearly 52 years, announcing its Artemis mission. Following the 1972 Apollo lunar mission, NASA plans to send humans back to the moon in 2024 and launch an ambitious project to land a female astronaut on the moon for the first time. In addition to human missions to the moon, NASA plans to excavate the lunar surface.

NASA will focus on manned missions to the moon again and we will try to conduct such manned lunar missions every 4 years, said NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstein. NASA will conduct a manned lunar mission every four years to study the actual scientific and geographical location of the situation on the moon. The new 11 astronauts include King Chari of Hindustani dynasty. All of these prospective astronauts have completed 2 years of basic training and earned a degree in space research. “We are going to make a new history by landing a woman on the moon for the first time in the human missions of the Artemis mission,” Bridenstein explained. In addition to these lunar missions, NASA has also announced that it will launch a manned Mars mission to Mars by 2030.

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