Lara Trump to Newsmax TV: Dems Will Not Let Up on Judge Barrett

While presumptive Supreme Court Justice nominee Amy Coney Barrett will be difficult to attack, Democrats will throw everything at her like they do with every Republican-nominated justice in history, according to Trump campaign adviser Lara Trump on Newsmax TV.

“I think it’s going to be a very tough process,” Lara Trump, President Donald Trump’s daughter in law, told “Saturday Report.” “I think the Democrats have shown they’re willing to go to any lengths possible to destroy somebody that Donald Trump puts up for the Supreme Court.”

Judge Barrett is a proven mother of seven and Catholic conservative, who should be difficult to “destroy,” but it will not stop Democrats from trying, Lara Trump told host Carl Higbie.

“We know that the left is going to do everything then can to smear this woman, make her life absolutely miserable over this confirmation process,” Lara Trump said. “We saw what they did to Brett Kavanaugh. It was absolutely disgraceful.

“I do think they’re going to have a problem, though. I do think it’s a little bit harder to attack a woman. I think it’s going to be absolutely off limits if they try to attack the fact she’s a Catholic woman.”

Lara Trump pointed to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., calling out Judge Barrett in a 2017 Senate confirmation hearing because her religious “dogma lives loudly within you.”

“It’ll be a very interesting process,” Lara Trump concluded. “I think Americans should buckle up. Look, we are 38 days from the most consequential election in modern American history. This just adds a little bit more to it.”

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