Kirk Cameron to Newsmax TV: New Series Helps Christian Voters ‘Think Through’ Issues

Actor Kirk Cameron promoted a new two-part series airing on Trinity Broadcasting Network that he says will help families of faith engage in the voting process.

During a Tuesday appearance on Newsmax TV‘s “American Agenda,” Kirk teased what “Think Pray Vote” is all about. Kirk stars as the show’s host. Part one is set to debut Friday.

He said the show is geared toward the “family of faith” who want “God’s direction in helping us to direct the future of our country and the future that we’re leaving for our children.”

He said “Think Pray Vote” will feature “brilliant, smart, wise people” including Franklin Graham, Dr. Tony Evans, Eric Metaxas, and others. He said there will be worship artists, painters, and speakers who will share their experience and perspectives on topics like social unrest, racial tensions, and personalities versus politics.

Kirk said the program will not tell people who to vote for. Rather, he said it will help people understand the importance of voting. He said it will also help voters “identify the issues that resonate with you and those candidates who will then be able to represent those values.”

“I hope that we will all go into the voting booth and we will take a side and we will vote for the person and the party that we believe is going to lead us in the best direction,” he said, adding the show will help people “think through all of the issues that are important to all of us collectively.”

“It’s not telling you what to think but how to think,” he said.

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