Kirk Cameron to Newsmax TV: Local Elections Just As Important

Actor and evangelical Christian Kirk on Friday says voters put just as much energy into local elections as they do for the presidential election because their vote has as much, if not more, of a direct impact on their lives.

Cameron, probably best known for portraying the character Mike Seaver in the 80s and 90s comedy “Growing Pains,” offered his remarks in the context of the two-part series “Think. Pray. Vote.” he hosted on the Christian-based Trinity Broadcast Network.

“We often think about the presidential election, which is huge, but there is all of the local elections, the state elections, which are so important,” Cameron, 49, said during an appearance on Newsmax TV’s “Spicer & Co.”

“Our school board, our sheriff, our mayor, our governors…We live in California where we still can’t gather inside of a church.

“I have friends who were arrested outside of their church because they gathered to sing hymns – at the same location where another group had protested to defund the police and nothing had happened to them. So, local elections are extremely important, all the way up to the presidency and the Supreme Court.”

Cameron, who more recently has appeared in films such as “Mercy Rule” and a 2018 documentary offering help to parents navigate the dangers of technology for their children, said he thinks many people are seeking guidance from religious leaders on who to vote for.

“I think a lot of people wish that their religious leaders, their guides, their pastors, their ministers, their rabbis would be more vocal about that kind of a thing,” Cameron said. “And there was a time in our country where the place where you got the most credible view on the news, was from the pulpit.

“Because your pastor was the one who studied the scriptures, he looked at everything through the lens of God’s word, and then he would interpret everything from what’s going on with riots, to diseases, to what’s going on in the church and the family and help point you. I think the leaders within the churches and the faith community need to be stronger on those kinds of things rather than avoiding it like the coronavirus.”

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