Joy Villa to Newsmax TV: I Am ‘Pro Woman’ Not ‘Feminist’

Singer, songwriter, actress and author Joy Villa proclaimed to Newsmax TV on Friday that she is ”pro woman” in contrast to ”feminist,” saying liberal or leftist ideology is not monolithic among women.

The 34-year-old outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump, who first gained fame in 2017 for wearing a star-spangled blue gown emblazoned with Trump’s signature ”Make America Great Again” slogan to the Grammy Awards, said she has endured death threats, rape threats and racial slurs for her political beliefs.

”In my new book, ‘Kickass Conservative,’ I talk about … why feminism has failed us,” she said on ”Spicer & Co.” ”And what I say is I am pro woman. I don’t use the term feminist anymore. We can still be pro woman. And what’s happening in society failing women right now is a clear example, the way to combat that is to tell girls you can be pro life, you can be pro gun, pro Trump, and you can be powerful.

”It doesn’t depend on the color of your skin, or where you grew up,” said Villa, whose father was of Italian-Argentine ancestry and her mother Black-American Indian. ”You can be a strong woman. You can be a wife. You can be a stay-at-home mom. You can be a career woman. You can have it all. You can have kids and a family. Don’t let feminism tell you men are bad.”

Villa appeared with movie director Jessica Boss, whose 2020 film ”A House Divided … A Mega MAGA Movie” tells the story of four couples whose Independence Day dinner party gets out of hand because of politics.

Both echoed the theme that women have been bullied into being liberal Democrats.

”Republicans are pro woman, and you can do it all,” Villa said. ”You don’t have to say ‘Abortion is health care.’ No, murdering a child is not health care. You don’t have say, ‘Oh, I have to support this, that and the other in order to be a woman.’ When I was a liberal, I felt this need to always support the social justice causes, the hashtags. It was like I was never woke enough, where I’d be ostracized.

”And you don’t need any of that. You are born a woman, you will stay a woman. You are powerful in who you are. And Republicans don’t look at you as just a female. They look at you as what you bring to the table.”

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