Joe Biden had a Campaign Ad and Stickers Printed and Ready to Go Immediately After NY Times Broke its Trump Tax Story

The New York Times published another hit piece on President Trump on Sunday afternoon at 4:10 PM on the billionaire president’s tax burden.
The information for the piece was likely illegally leaked from the IRS to the Times.

The article proved that President Trump had no financial ties to Russia and had employed an excellent tax accountant.
Trump has been audited by the IRS numerous times in the past.

Then this happened.
Immediately following The New York Times hit piece the Biden campaign was selling saying, “I paid more income taxes than Donald Trump” stickers.
The San Francisco Chronicle reported:

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Democrats wasted no time in seizing on the news, with the Biden campaign’s online store already selling stickers saying “I paid more income taxes than Donald Trump” on Sunday night.

And the Biden Campaign released an ad attacking President Trump on his tax burden following the NY Times release.

Funny how that happens?
It’s almost as if they are coordinating their attacks?

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