Joe Biden Calls US Troops “You Stupid Bastards” During 2016 Speech

Far left journalist Jeffrey Goldberg posted a ridiculous hit piece on President Trump on Thursday in The Atlantic.  The BS hit piece comes as President Trump continues to surge in the polls following the RNC convention and continued leftist riots across the country.

In the garbage report Goldberg used anonymous sources to accuse President Trump of disparaging US veterans and war heroes.

This was an ugly piece. One attack on President Trump for not attending a World War I cemetery in France was debunked years ago by the White House but Goldberg decided to run with the smear anyway.

Brittany Jacobs (left) watches as her 6-year-old son Christian meets President Trump in Section 60 of Arlington National Cemetery. The boy’s father, Marine Sgt. Christopher Jacobs, was killed in 2011.

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President Trump addressed the smears in early September when returning from another massive campaign event in Pennsylvania.

President Trump denied the ridiculous reports saying the report was “unthinkable.”

The report was thoroughly debunked by White House officials including disgruntled former National Security Advisor John Bolton.

But this hasn’t stopped Joe Biden from using the debunked report to attack President Trump and his support for the troops.

But now there is video from 2016 of Joe Biden actually calling US troops “you stupid bastards” to their face during a speech.

This was back when Joe Biden could form a complete sentence.

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