Joe Biden Brushes Off Reporter Asking About Last Night’s Debate So Jill Biden Jumps in to Save the Day (VIDEO)

Joe Biden and his wife Jill on Wednesday boarded the Amtrak train in Cleveland to head to Alliance, Ohio.

A Bloomberg reporter asked Biden what he thought of last night’s debate as he boarded the train.

President Trump came out swinging last night and pummeled Biden and his co-debater Chris Wallace.

77-year-old Biden looked battered and tired and brushed off the reporter.

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“We’ll get a chance to talk about that at the next stop,” said Biden.

Then Jill jumped in to save the day and spoke on her husband’s behalf.

“He did a great, didn’t he? He did a great job!” Jill said.

And the sycophantic reporters fell in line and agreed.


Biden’s handlers shooed away reporters.

“You guys stop! Let’s go you guys!”


Joe Biden looks like a zombie sitting on the train.

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