Job Creator Network: Biden Caused ‘Irreparable Harm’ on VA

The Job Creators Network Foundation has blamed Joe Biden for inflicting “irreparable harm” on the Veterans Affairs while he served as vice president with President Barack Obama.

“Joe Biden must think voters have as short of memories as he does,” Alfredo Ortiz, President and CEO of the Job Creators Network said in a press release. “The Obama administration, which he was part of, oversaw the VA’s wait-list scandal, toxic culture, and widespread misconduct.”

The Job Creators Network Foundation’s (JCNF) Healthcare for You initiative educates voters about how the Affordable Care Act left holes for millions. It also delivers personalized healthcare information that “encapsulates peace of mind, affordability, protection, freedom to choose, and control.”

“The pervasive rot in the VA under Obama and Biden caused irreparable harm to our nation’s veterans,” Ortiz said. “Despite his promises of reform, Biden already failed veterans once. He doesn’t deserve a second chance. In contrast, under President [Donald] Trump, the VA has made reforms to put veteran patients first and give them more healthcare choices — exactly what JCNF’s Healthcare for You reform framework emphasizes for all Americans.”

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