Joan Collins Claims Sister Jackie Sent Sign From Beyond the Grave

Joan Collins claims her sister, Jackie, has been reaching out to her from beyond the grave. There was a blackout on the night Jackie died in September 2015, and the same thing has happened again, days before the anniversary of her death.

Joan recounted the “strange” series of events that took place, then and now, in an interview Thursday on Loose Women.

“When I first heard about Jackie’s death, which was exactly five years ago, [my husband] Percy and I were watching television and all of the lights went off in the village where we are — complete black out,” she recalled, according to Daily Mail.

“Last night, the same thing happened. All of the lights went out. It was really scary — and exactly five years before. I do believe that maybe there was some kind of force that was saying, ‘I’m here.’ I don’t know,” Joan continued.

“Today, I think, ‘”Oh my god, that I must tell Jackie.’ And of course, I can’t tell Jackie,'” she added.

Jackie passed away on Sept. 19, at age 77, after fighting stage four breast cancer for several years. She chose to keep the diagnoses private and did not share the information with her sister. Joan said she suspected something was wrong when she visited her sister in Los Angeles from London.

“We’d gone out, she was just as much fun and making jokes as ever, but she’d lost a lot of weight. She seemed a tiny bit frail,” Joan said. “I asked her daughter Tiffany, ‘Is your mother OK?’ Tiffany had a momentary glimpse, something I saw, just a half a second. As an actress I saw something she didn’t want to reveal.”

She added: “In a way I know she wouldn’t have wanted me to worry. In fact, she didn’t want anybody to know. That was the whole thing.”

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