Jim McLaughlin to Newsmax TV: Rallies, Judge Barrett Will Energize Trump Support

The final weeks of the presidential election cycle are going to feature a lot of President Donald Trump speaking directly to the electorate and Judge Amy Coney Barrett inspiring independent voters, according Trump campaign pollster Jim McLaughlin on Newsmax TV

“Nobody does a better job of energizing the Republican base than Donald Trump does, as we all know,” McLaughlin told Monday’s “Spicer & Co.,” adding this election is going to have record turnout and saying Trump supporters are polling at 80% enthusiastic, while Biden supporters are just under 50% enthusiastic about him.

Also, independents are showing enthusiasm for Judge Amy Coney Barrett as her Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings get underway.

“This is the first time a mom with school-age children is going to be on the Supreme Court, and that gives a different perspective,” McLaughlin said. “The more and more the voters see about Amy Coney Barrett, they’re going to like her and they’re really going to enjoy this pick, because, again, she identifies with middle America.”

Also, as Trump held a rally in Florida, McLaughlin expects an energizing of the seniors’ vote.

“Seniors are a group that tends to make up their minds at the end,” McLaughlin said. “They’re also high-information voters.

“Seniors don’t want a $4 trillion tax increase. They don’t want to lose their Medicare, which by the way, these Medicare for All schemes that all these Democrats are talking about, it will destroy Medicare as we know it.

“They don’t want to defund the police. They don’t want open borders.”

McLaughlin noted, while seniors are moving toward Biden because they lean Democrat as a voting bloc, “the president is doing better in those media polls” now than he was in 2016.

He said follow the money if you want to know where the closest races are in the battleground states. Biden is not spending in Iowa, he added, but Nevada might be winnable this cycle, so expect the Trump campaign to hold rallies there in the coming days and weeks before Nov. 3.

As for Arizona, it is one of the tightest battleground there will be, even if Trump does not need it to get to 270 in the electoral college.

“Arizona is getting a lot of voters from places like California, that are moving away from these bad liberal policies,” McLaughlin said. “You just hope in a place like Arizona they don’t keep voting for those bad liberal policies.

“Arizona is going to be a swing state, not just this year, but for a long time to come.”

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