‘I Was Glad Her Two Kids Did Come Out’: Al Sharpton Blasts ‘Least Diverse Audience’ At White House SCOTUS Pick

MSNBC contributor Al Sharpton took a shot at the racial composition of the audience at Saturday’s introduction of Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett by joking that he “was glad” the nominee’s two adopted Haitian children were there.

Sharpton made the comments on “PoliticsNation” shortly after President Donald Trump introduced Barrett on the White House lawn. Taking a shot at Trump for allegedly calling Haiti a “shithole country,” the MSNBC contributor argued that it was “almost offensive” for the president “to brag about her adopted children.”


“I think that for this president, though, Mr. S-hole country to stand up there and brag about something like this, and for him to stand there and talk about a dignified hearing that was never given justice Garland,” Sharpton said. “When she says that Antonin Scalia was a mentor — I was sitting in the Supreme Court with John Lewis and Martin Luther King III when Scalia called the voting rights act a racial entitlement. So there’s a lot of reasons for us to be concerned.”

“Not to mention, that that was the least diverse audience I’ve ever seen an announcement like this made in my life,” he continued. “I looked around, I was glad her two kids did come out, ’cause I couldn’t find too many other people of color in that audience.” (RELATED: Flashback: Former Justice Antonin Scalia Revealed Who He Wanted To Replace Him During Obama Presidency)

“It was, uh, an interesting look for a moment like this in this presidency and a decision so monumental,” said MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace after a pause.

The Senate is set to begin confirmation hearings for Barrett on October 12.

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