Hillary Urging Democrats Abroad to Vote

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is urging Democrats living abroad to request a ballot and vote in the November elections.

In a video posted to the Democrats Abroad YouTube channel, Clinton said there are “six and a half million Americans abroad who are eligible to vote in U.S. elections. And you and I both know that every vote is going to count this November.”

She then asked Democrats who live in foreign countries but who are still U.S. citizens to ask for a ballot online — and, if their state allows it, to ask that the ballot be sent to them electronically.

“Americans living overseas are eligible to vote, no matter how long you’ve been outside the U.S,” she said. “Americans abroad vote in every state and every district across our country. On your ballot request forms, also called an FPCA, make sure to request that your ballot be sent to you electronically, which will save you and the U.S. Postal Service time.”

Clinton said the ballot should be returned as quickly as possible, including by email if that’s an option.

“This is one of the most consequential elections of our lifetime. I hope you’ll make a plan to vote, and ask your friends and family to do the same,” she said. “Thank you, and happy voting.”

According to the Department of State, Americans living abroad are eligible to vote in federal elections, but the ability to vote for state and local candidates and referendums differs by state.

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