Hero LA Sheriff’s Deputy Who Saved her Partner After She Was Shot in the Jaw and Arm is a Former Librarian

On Saturday night two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department deputies were ambushed and shot while sitting in their vehicle.

** The 31-year-old mother was hit in the jaw and arms.
** The 24-year-old officer was hit in the forehead, an arm and in the hand.

Law enforcement is still looking for the shooter.

The young mother was shot in the jaw and was still able to call for help and then apply a tourniquet to save her partner’s life!

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Via Bill Melugin.

On Sunday police released the emergency call from this injured mother to police after she and her partner were shot in the head.

On Monday night The Daily Mail identified the young mother and deputy as rookie Claudia Apolinar a former librarian.

Via The Daily Mail:

One of the Los Angeles police officers gunned down in cold blood on Saturday is a 31-year-old former librarian and mother who graduated from the Los Angeles Police Academy only last year.

DailyMail.com spoke to Claudia Apolinar’s 65-year-old father Adolfo who confirmed she was in a stable condition as he held a bedside vigil for her in hospital.

‘I’m here with her right now,’ he said in Spanish, adding that an LA Sheriff’s Department deputy was standing guard outside the hospital room…

…Despite taking multiple bullets – one to the face and several to her upper torso – Claudia, 31, managed to get her partner to safety, apply a tourniquet and radio for help.

A photo of the aftermath of the attack shows the mother of a six-year-old child covered in blood, giving medical help to her injured partner.

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