GOP to Challenge Pennsylvania’s Mail-in Voting Rulings in Supreme Court

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled on several issues to ensure a Democrat Party win in November.
The rulings from last week include:

** The Green Party candidate was struck from the ballot
** Ballots will be accepted UP TO THREE DAYS after the election until November 9th
** Poll workers must serve voters in the county where they live — this protects far left districts where fraud is most likely to occur

If ballots are accepted until Friday November 6th it is clear now that Pennsylvania will not have their numbers in at least until November 9th, a Monday.
Democrats will do anything to win.

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On Friday Republicans announced they are asking the US Supreme Court to review this power grab by Democrats in Pennsylvania.
This is the first major test for the court since Ruth Bader Ginsburg died a week ago.

Here is a copy of the documents filed overnight.

The Hill reported:

Republicans plan to ask the Supreme Court to review a major Pennsylvania state court ruling that extended the due date for mail ballots in the key battleground state, teeing up the first test for the Supreme Court since the death of its liberal leader Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The GOP legal strategy, which was revealed in a pair of court documents filed overnight and Tuesday morning, has not been previously reported.

The development comes after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court dealt Republicans a major blow last week in a bitterly partisan election lawsuit that could help determine whether President Trump or Democratic nominee Joe Biden takes the Keystone State, which Trump won in 2016 by just over 44,000 votes.

The expected petition to the Supreme Court comes just days after Ginsburg’s death from cancer last Friday injected further uncertainty into a chaotic 2020 presidential contest that is on track to be the most intensely litigated election cycle in U.S. history.

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