GOP Leads Dems in Florida’s In-Person Early Voting

While Florida’s mail-in voting Democrats still hold a “commanding lead,” Republicans boast a large advantage with in-person early voting, Tampa Bay Times reported.

More than 2 million Floridians have voted in person (2,000,976), according to the Florida Division of Election reports as of Sunday at 11 a.m. ET.

Among those, nearly half are registered Republicans. Here is the latest voted early in-person data:

  1. Republicans 926,456.
  2. Democrats 696,118.
  3. No Party Affiliation 353,718.
  4. Other 24,684.

Democrats have built up a large edge in mail-in, absentee ballots:

  1. Democrats 1,744,542.
  2. Republicans 1,150,433.
  3. No Party Affiliation 765,738
  4. Other 45,116.

There are still a number of absentee ballots provided that have yet to be returned:

  1. Democrats 927,198.
  2. Republican 711,852.
  3. No Party Affiliation 587,981.
  4. Other 37,079.

Biden has a 2 percentage-point edge over Trump among registered voters in Florida, with 50% support for the Democratic nominee compared with 48% for the president, the Oct. 20-23 CBS News poll found.

The poll also found voters in each party have very different views about the risks associated with the coronavirus, with Biden supporters far more likely to say they could contract it. In Florida, 56% of Biden supporters said they are very concerned they will catch it, compared with just 13% of Trump supporters.

When asked which candidate can better handle the virus outbreak, Biden led Trump 49%.

The Florida poll had a margin of error of 3.6 percentage points.

Information from Bloomberg was used in this report.

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