Fox News: Hunter Biden Docs Don’t Show Direct Link to Joe, But Tough Questions Remain

The claim by Hunter Biden’s ex-business partner that former Vice President Joe Biden was intimately involved in talks about his son’s business dealings in China doesn’t appear to be backed up in emails related to the venture, Fox News reported Friday.

But the outlet said hard questions nevertheless remain for Biden about how much knowledge he had of his son’s business activities while he held office during the Obama administration.

The news outlet reported it had examined documents from the younger Biden’s former partner Tony Bobulinski, who is providing evidence in Senate and FBI probes of the Bidens’ business dealings. Fox said the docs didn’t show the elder Biden himself had business dealings with Sino Hawk Holdings, or took any payments from them or the Chinese.

The issue occupied center stage during Thursday evening’s fractious debate between President Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Trump, spotlighting allegations that influence peddling had netted the Bidens millions from foreign sources, prodded the elder Biden to explain the matter transparently to the American people. Biden, in turn, denied receiving so much as a penny from foreign sources.

Despite Fox News’ reported findings, the outlet did stress that the matter is far from settled or sorted. Its reporting said there are lingering questions about how much the elder Biden knew of his son’s business arrangements in China, the Ukraine and the like.

Bobulinski provided text messages and emails related to his venture first to the Wall Street Journal, primarily from the spring and summer of 2017, which don’t show Biden’s son or uncle James Biden talking about Joe Biden’s supposed role.

The Journal reported the Bidens’ joint venture never got funds from CEFC China Energy Co., where Bobulinski was a partner, and corporate records reviewed by the newspaper indicate Joe Biden had no role in the discussions.

Fox News reported it also obtained text messages from Bobulinski, a retired Navy lieutenant and the former CEO of SinoHawk Holdings, which he claimed was the partnership between the “CEFC/Chairman Ye” and the joint venture with Hunter and his uncle.

The text message chain between Bobulinski and Hunter Biden was obtained after the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee and the Senate Finance Committee requested documents related to Bobulinski’s business affairs with the Biden family, Fox News reported.

Fox News said it had separately obtained those documents.

Fox News previously reported on an email thread, initially noted by the New York Post, which purportedly showed an equity split proposition that promised benefits for “the big guy,” whom unnamed sources and Bobulinski claimed was Joe Biden.

Joe Biden has repeatedly denied discussing Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings. The Biden campaign has said that it released Joe Biden’s tax documents and returns, which don’t reflect any involvement with Chinese investments.

Biden has come under intense and escalating fire in the past several days over Hunter’s activities. Former New York City Mayor and prosecutor Rudy Giuliani has said he’s come into possession of a laptop hard drive linked to a machine sent out for repairs and later abandoned by Hunter Biden. Besides questionable email and text chains related to allegations of influence peddling, Giuliani said this week he has seen disturbing photos of underage girls and at least one text reference to claims of inappropriate behavior around a teenager.

“We’re very uncomfortable with this,” Giuliani said on Newsmax TV this week. “We’re very uncomfortable with the fact that these underage girls were not protected.

“If you were to look at the photographs on this hard drive and didn’t report it to the police — well, if you were a law enforcement officer, you’d be guilty of a felony.

“If you were just a normal citizen, you’d be a horrible human being,” the former U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York said.

Newsmax has not reviewed the hard drive, laptop, or related materials alleged to be Hunter Biden’s. Newsmax has made no conclusion as to the authenticity of the evidence or the accuracy of the allegations made.

Giuliani, also a trusted confidante and attorney to Trump, said he turned the findings over to Delaware authorities.

Joe Biden has dubbed the allegations “garbage” from a Trump henchman intended to taint his White House campaign in the final days before Election Day.

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