Flynn Lawyer Looking to Shift Focus Onto FBI Wrongdoing

Lawyers for Michael Flynn, former national security adviser for President Donald Trump, will return to court on Tuesday ready to use newly unsealed documents to highlight the FBI’s wrongdoing, according to The Washington Times.

“The new filings are dispositive of outrageous government misconduct that mandate the immediate dismissal of this case,” Flynn’s lawyer, Sidney Powell, told The Washington Times. “The agents knew they were making it up and were so concerned about their own liability they obtained special insurance in the event they were sued.

“Judge Sullivan must dismiss the case with prejudice,” she continued.

The documents came from the Justice Department investigation conducted by special investigator John Durham into the Russia collusion probe which included Flynn.

According to the documents, an FBI analyst who worked on the Flynn case worried about the validity of the case and said other agents wanted “a Clinton presidency.”

Flynn accused the FBI of misconduct in his quest to have his own charges dropped. He also blamed FBI employees with a grudge against Trump for ensnaring him in a perjury trap that resulted in his prosecution.

Flynn eventually pleaded guilty to lying during FBI interviews about talking to a Russian ambassador in 2016 and 2017. But he later rescinded that plea and has since maintained his innocence.

In the documents filed by Durham, FBI employees who accessed Flynn’s financial accounts found no illegal activity.

One FBI employee said, “We didn’t find anything else from the investigation about him.”

“We put out traces, tripwires to the community and nothing,” the FBI employee continued about the lack of evidence against Flynn.

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